Ichthyol-camfor cream

Ichthyol-camfor cream contains a high concentration of active components: arnica oil, vitamin E, fish oil, camphor and ichthyol (a product of natural origin - highly purified distillate of sedimentary rocks). Thanks to the mutual synergy of active components and lipophilic emollients, the cream nourishes, stimulates skin regeneration and revitalization. It causes a pleasant feeling of cooling on the skin. The preparation is formulated to protect and nourish the skin.The specially developed formula of the cream enables good spread ability and fast absorption during application.

The healing properties of camphor have long been known to the people of Southeast Asia, while Westerners have heard of camphor through Marco Polo.

Ichthyol-camphor cream has been produced for more than half a century and has many satisfied users.

The preparation is applied externally, by smearing the skin in a thin layer or rubbing it on the desired place, 1-2 times a day.

An expert opinion on the health safety of each batch is issued by the quality control laboratory of the Super Lab Institute in Belgrade.

Packaging: 50g tube

You can get ichthyol-camphor in all pharmacies.